PixLive augments floor maps @ the Futur En Seine Show

Futur en Seine is one of the biggest Innovation festival in Europe, that took place in June this year in Paris. It gives to visitors a unique blend of workshops, demos, projects and presentations about the latest Digital Innovations.

Our partner, Intuit’art, presented a brand new concept – Immercité, where the full power of augmented reality was used on a large scale printed Paris map to show relevant information about specific places. This project, developed in partnership with the french National Institute of Geography (IGN), allowed visitors to point a tablet to a large scale Paris map (about 5 by 5 meters). The smartphone was then immediately recognizing the Paris area the smartphone was aimed to, in order to display relevant information about interesting places, such as museums, monuments and so on.

Augmented Reality was expressing its full power in this project as the visitor was allowed to walk on the map and randomly target a specific map area to know more about it. This was uniquely mixing interactivity, fun and educational information, all in a simple-to-use smartphone/tablet app.

PixLive, the Vidinoti’s leading augmented reality technology, allowed Intuit’art to develop such an application extremely rapidly. The content authoring tool built into PixLive allowed the french company to quickly augment and link the map to relevant digital information. With the powerful, hybrid-app compatible, PixLive SDK, the Immercité smartphone app has been built-in with augmented reality in no time.

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