Novilé – Discovering the lake of Gruyère with augmented reality

Tourism is exploring new ways to engage visitors and the Novilé project is a perfect example!

Hikers interested in discovering the paths along the lake of Gruyère (Switzerland) can now download an application called Novilé (meaning “New lake” in the local dialect) that will help them better plan and enjoy the various hikes.

The complete tour is broken down in 7 sections of roughly 1.5 hours and along those sections, the hikers can interact with panels using Augmented Reality (typically one every 30 minutes) to discover some key facts, and answer some questions between the panels to collect points that can be later converted into rewards.

One particularity of this installation is the quality of the content: a variety of topics ranging from the geological specificity of the area, its bio-diversity, to the impacts of the dam built in 1948. Academics worked closely with the content developers to imagine creative ways of conveying some of the key points, leveraging in the process the augmented reality capabilities. The result is very impressive!

Another interesting particularity of the Novilé project is how the application ties into the entire ecosystem around the lake by offering as rewards, discounts or free samples (piece of cheese) in local stores and free tickets to attractions in the area, thus creating a real economic opportunity for the whole region.

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