Frÿburg 1606 – An immersive tour of Fribourg that takes you back in 1606

The tourism office of Fribourg (Switzerland) launched in September 2020 a visiting guide that combines audio with augmented reality to create a truly innovative immersive experience. This guide, installed on a tablet, allows the visitor to discover Fribourg as it was in the 17 hundreds, by visualising old buildings, meeting characters from the period, while enjoying one of the most beautiful medieval old town in Europe.

A narrator will accompany you for the visit and to find your way, you can either use an actual map of the city or the famous map from Martin Martini drawn in 1606 and that still serves as a reference to the city. At each stop, the narration will be complemented by a variety of augmented reality-based experiences.

Main features of the application:

  • Navigation on the 1606 map from Martin Martini
  • Audio at each point of interest
  • A variety of Augmented Reality content
    • Missing buildings
    • Portals to allow to discover 1606 views of Fribourg or interiors of buildings
    • Characters from 1606 appearing in the city
    • A flying dragon

Practical information:

  • Visitors can rent tablets at the Tourism office or download the audio-visit module from the “Fribourg Tourisme AR” mobile application
  • The application is available in French, German and English
  • The complete visit takes roughly 3 hours

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