10+ years of experience in the area


Patents and Innosuisse projects in AR and localisation

variety of projects

Cultural mediation, industry, publishers


Deployment of 50+ projects

How it works

Vidinoti makes available to its users a set of tools that allow them, without previous experience, to deploy an AR-based campaign


Creation of custom content, according to your needs, thanks to our intuitive web interface


Flexible deployment options according to your project objectives, via our app or yours


Manage simply and quickly your augmented contents in just a few clicks

Different use-cases

Augmented Reality adds real value in a variety of areas, by offering a compelling alternative to traditional means of communication and interaction


Industry and enterprises can now benefit from AR to better train and onboard their employees and reduce maintenance and intervention costs thanks to immersive manuals and AR-based remote assistance

Museum / Tourism

Museums and tourism organisations can create and deploy AR-based interaction & tours using Vidinoti’s  CMS. That content can then be easily accessed by visitors using an installed mobile application


Retailers generate more traffic in stores by offering more engaging experiences where the customers can access seamlessly additional information and promotions on the spot


Publishers can augment their newspapers or magazines with engaging content, in just a few clicks, and track the popularity of articles via an analytics dashboard

A new look at the industrial world

With AR, industrial companies can virtually present a product, in its actual size, in the customer’s environment and reduce intervention and maintenance costs thanks to immersive manuals and remote assistance.

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