Consulting in Augmented Reality

With more than 10 years of experience, Vidinoti has developed a large expertise in the areas of Augmented Reality and Localisation. Building on this unique experience Vidinoti can guide you in the assessment and the use of these technologies, whether it is geared towards an internal project or a large scale deployment. 

Areas of expertise


Augmented Reality

How can AR bring value to my business?

How to best get acquainted with this new medium ?

How to select the best partner ?


What are the options today for indoor positioning?

What improvements can we expect in the years to come ?

What are the investments needed ?

AR Technologies

Which technology  is needed to address a given use-case?

What are the possibilities and the limits of the different frameworks ?

How to best capitalize on these new opportunities ?


How to select the best components ?

Are glasses ready for industrial deployment ?

What kind of POC can be envisioned ?

Why us ?

Vidinoti proposes a unique combination of experience and expertise to best respond to your needs

More than 10 years of relevant experience

Patents in the area of AR and localization

Excellent knowledge in the state-of-the-art in AR

Strong ties with major engineering schools (HES / EPF)

A variety of reference projects (cultural, industry, publishers)

Involved in Innosuisse projects

Our experts

Our experts have diverse and complementary skills


More than 25 years of experience in the development and deployment of solutions for the mobile environment, in the US and in Europe, with strong emphasis on human-machine interfaces


Senior developper with 9 years of experience in consulting and security, and a specialty in mobile development in the area of computer vision and AR


Developper specialized in AR, VR and gaming. Extensive experience in Unity development and the deployment of systems with 2D/3D rendering

Need some advice ? You have questions ?

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