The latest release of the PixLive SDK is now available on-line. It includes some major improvements such as:

  • Multi-directional recognition – AR content can now be activated from all directions which opens up many more uses cases such as AR interactions on maps or on content on the floor
  • Faster synchronization – User experience is improved with a 30% faster synchronization of new target images

On the PixLive Maker front, we are glad to announce the full support for coupons. You can now insert as part of your AR interactions a custom coupon. These coupons can be unique and you can specify the number of winners. In addition a Vidinoti mobile application (Vidi Coupons) is available for your customers to insure that a coupon is valid (see example Scratch & Win with Coupon) .

NOTE: the coupon functionality requires a special license. Contact for more information.


From January 1st 2024, free demo accounts and Indie accounts are no longer available on V-Director.
We apologise for the inconvenience.
The Vidinoti Team