The popular event organised the same night in many European cities is exploring new grounds. This year, the Fribourg edition decided to innovate by making available a mobile application and allowing visitors to interact with art pieces in a new way: using Augmented Reality (AR)

More than 20 Fribourg institutions, ranging from the well-established Art and History Museum to the less know Museum of the Puppets or Museum of the Sawing Machine, participated by displaying one or two items with AR content.

As part of the nightly event, visitors could also collect at every participating institution a coupon by simply scanning some special content presented at the entrance of the Museum, and storing the coupon on the mobile app. The coupon allowed them to participate to a sweepstake and potentially win a series of prices offered by local sponsors  / benefactors.

This initiative was sponsored by Fribourg Tourisme and the mobile application, launched for the occasion, will be dedicated to the discovery of the city. The application provides also geo-localized POI content via a map.


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