Thuringia.MyCulture. – A Tourism Mobile App for the Thüringen Area

The Thuringia.MyCulture mobile app allows visitors to learn more about the cultural highlights of the Thuringia region. The application combines augmented reality (AR), location-based content and tours to offer a rich and engaging visiting and learning experience.

The application offers a few 360° exploration views as teasers to potential visitors.

Once in the region, the visitors can benefit from a list of proposed thematic tours. He can download one or more of those tours and then be guided in the footsteps of famous Thuringians and discover interesting points-of-interest (POIs) in their vicinity.

To each POI is associated some media-rich content that can be accessed by simply using the AR scanner, the geo-localized map or the nearby functionality.

Finally, the visitor can store its favorite contents in a personalized list.

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