The « 3D asset » feature allows placing 3D objects in Augmented Reality without the need of tracking an image trigger. The 3D model is automatically placed on a horizontal plane as soon as it is detected. The horizontal plane can be a table or the floor.

Demo of 3D Player (3D model by Chrismon20)

Just 4 Steps

  1. Upgrade your application with the latest Vidinoti SDK version (v7) or use the latest release of V-Player
  2. Upload an asset in the glTF (v2) format onto V-Director. You can choose for example among the many models proposed by Sketchfab
  3.  Insert that asset as part of an AR scenario
  4. Test on a supported device (see list below)

For more details, look at the Documentation or the Video Tutorial below

Supported devices

This feature uses the ARKit and ARCore technologies available on iOS and Android devices. Not all devices support the technology. The supported devices are listed below:


  • iOS 11 or above
  • iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus or over
  • iPad 5th Generation or over
  • iPad Mini 5th Generation (2019) or over



From January 1st 2024, free demo accounts and Indie accounts are no longer available on V-Director.
We apologise for the inconvenience.
The Vidinoti Team