AR installation combining postcards and a map

In a section dedicated to the tourism in Switzerland at the end of the 19th and 20th century the Swiss National Museum decided to use augmented reality to link a series of 35 old postcards to a large map of Switzerland.

Vidinoti developed a multi-lingual application that allows visitors to scan the wall with the postcards, and to select on the screen of the tablet a particular postcard to get more information about the location. At this point, the visitor can turn to the map of Switzerland and the location corresponding to the postcard appears on the screen. Alternatively the visitor can scan the map, see all the locations corresponding to the postcards and select one of them to get more details.

The application, loaded on 2 tablets, provides a powerful way to tie 2 very different and complementary views of the topic. The installation is part of permanent exhibit can be seen at any time.

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