Augmented Reality for Rubens exhibit @ BOZAR, Brussels.

visioguideFor the exhibition “Rubens, sensation et sensualité” BOZAR opted for augmented reality to highlight Rubens influence on several generations of painters. Audiovisit and Vidinoti were chosen to deliver on this ambitious project.

Using the visio-guide visitors can discover in a playful way additional interactive content on the 6 themes covered by the exhibit. This content included sound clips, movies and multi-media animations.

As the visitor directs the guide towards one of the augmented art piece the image is recognized and comes into life. For the triptych “Christ on the cross,” he will see the doors closing, thus revealing the hidden sides of the altar. And as he scratches on selected areas of the painting “Garden of love”, preparatory sketches will appear.

Les Partenaires

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