Vidinoti SDK
AR-enable your app with Vidinoti SDK

The SDK includes state-of-the-art components to deliver an outstanding user experience. The SDK is available for iOS and Android, and has also been ported to Google Glass.


Main features

On-device image recognition and tracking. PixLive SDK runs the recognition and tracking algorithms directly on the device to minimize recognition delay and optimize the user experience

Wide range of content. PixLive SDK supports a wide range of interactive content (videos, images carousels, redirection to a webpage, 3D models, 360° Panorama, scratch and win…) created from the PixLive Maker web-based interface.

Standalone mode. Content can be configured in standalone mode and be accessed without an internet connection.

Multi-platforms. PixLive SDK is available for iOS, Android and Google Glass.

Beacons. Content can also be triggered by approaching a Beacon. The content creation process is identical for images or beacons. 

Multilingual support. PixLive SDK supports multi-lingual content based on the language of the mobile device.

Selective synchronization. A mechanism allows content to be synchronised with V-Director selectively, thus avoiding overloading the application.

Cloud-recognition. With cloud-based recognition, the Vidinoti SDK can handle a very large number of target images (up to 50k).

GPS Support. Via the Vidinoti SDK, rich content can be associated with GPS locations using the V-Director interface. 


If you are using a mobile development framework such as cordova or ionic, integrate PixLive SDK without effort.


Embed the full power of PixLive SDK
your Cordova based
hybrid application.


Combining PixLive Cordova
and PixLive Angular plugins for Ionic will make it
really easy to integrates AR in your Ionic app.

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