AR PlayerPixLive Player

Included Credits5 Credits

Additional CreditsNot available

Publication Limit5 contents

Publication Duration24 Hours

SDK License30 Days Trial

49€ / month

AR PlayerPixLive Player

Included Credits3/month of subscription

Additional Credits€49 for 5 credits

Publication Limit15 contents

Publication DurationSubscription period

SDK License30 Days Trial


AR PlayerBuild your own app!

Included CreditsCustom

Additional CreditsCustom

Publication LimitCustom

Publication DurationCustom

SDK LicenseExtended

Easily create and manage your AR project

PixLive Maker is web-based and user-friendly content management system (CMS). It offers a simple and intuitive interface where new augmented content can be created in just a few clicks.

  1. Select location or image trigger
  2. Create your content
  3. Publish

Simple isn’t it?


Detailed real-time analytics provide insights on the progress of the campaigns. The metrics include:
  • Number of content view per day and per model
  • Application downloads
  • Notification opening rate

AR-enable your app with PixLive SDK

The SDK includes state-of-the-art components to deliver an outstanding user experience. The SDK is available for iOS and Android, and has also been ported to Google Glass.


If you are using a mobile development framework such as cordova or ionic, integrate PixLive SDK without effort.


Embed the full power of PixLive SDK
your Cordova based
hybrid application.


Combining PixLive Cordova
and PixLive Angular plugins for Ionic will make it
really easy to integrates AR in your Ionic app.

Give your users better location and proximity experiences

Proximity-based content will makes your app smarter and attract your audience.  

With PixLive SDK easily embed our powerful beacon library in your applications. Register your beacons in PixLive Maker and create your content in a few clicks.


Custom solutions and products

Branded AR Reader. Contact us if you need a custom AR Reader (iOS & Android) powered by state of the art technologies.

Advanced AR project. Vidinoti will help you deliver innovative projects using Augmented Reality.

Consulting Vidinoti offers consulting services in the area of beacon, bluetooth low energy technology, localisation and augmented reality.

Interested by Vidinoti products or services?