Product Visualisation
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Try V-3Display

The application V-3Display enables the placement of one or more objects. You can now create interactive spaces with multiple objects uploaded beforehand via the V-Director interface

The 3 steps:

1. Register for free to the  V-Director service

2. Upload several 3D models of your products in the “3D Asset” section

3. With V-3Display your customers can visualise any combination of these products in their environment, in their real size.

A variety of use-cases

The placement of virtual objects in your environment enables a range of interesting use-cases

Trying some furniture

Many customers need to “try” a piece of furniture, in its real size, before making the purchase

Measuring available space

Using AR, you can easily evaluate if the objects you need to send fit in a particular box

Arranging paintings on a wall

Users can place a painting or a poster on a wall and check how it would fit with the rest of the decor

Simulating the placement of machines

Factory managers can simulate the placement of new machines and validate any safety requirements

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