PixLive Rebranding & launch V-Discover

As a user of our PixLive tools, you may have noticed that the names have changed, and they are now consolidated under the Vidinoti brand.

  • PixLive Player becomes V-Player
  • PixLive Maker is now V-Director
  • And our PixLive SDK is now referred to as the Vidinoti SDK

We believe that this name change will strengthen our brand, helping us deliver a better communication strategy to our users. We understand that this transition may have an impact on your on-going campaign, but please rest assured that no change has been made to the functionalities and capabilities of our existing products.

We are also using this opportunity to announce the beta release of V-Discover, a simple demonstrator that enables the creation of connected spaces: with V-Discover, you can combine AR interactions with the access to localized content via Beacons or GPS-based locations, all within the same app. You can also create basic tours as a list of POIs

Just like V-Player (our old PixLive Player) the demonstrator is coupled with a set of examples, on the theme of the 7 wonders of the New World. But you can also create your own V-Discover experiences by using V-Director (formerly PixLive Maker) to create and deploy your interactive content.

You will find that V-Discover opens up some new opportunities and don’t hesitate to share with us your thoughts and feedback.