Tutorial – Scratch & Win combined with Coupons

In the last update of PixLive Maker Vidinoti released an upgraded version of the scratch & win template as well as the option to combine that functionality with a coupon. The main improvement is the ability to specify a fixed number of winners and assign to each winner a unique coupon. The coupon can be validated by a third-party with a separate application called VidiCoupon (available on iOS and Android). Below are some of the specifics about these new features:

When creating a scratch & win interaction, you can:

  • Select the probability of winning or loosing
  • Choose one of the 2 modes:
    • Fix a number of winners which will prevent user of playing several times from the same device
    • Don’t fix a number of winners which will allow users to play several times

If you are restricting the number of winners, you use the new coupon features. These unique coupons are generated by the system and can be stored in the application until they are redeemed. To facilitate the process of redeeming the coupon, Vidinoti has developed a light-weight mobile application (iOS and Android) that allows the person responsible for handing out the prizes to the winners, to verify that the coupon is valid and has not been redeemed before.

Note: the coupon functionality requires a one-time activation license

If you want more information on scratch & win or coupons, do not hesitate to contact us at support@vidinoti.com