New account plans launching soon


As you know, we are striving at Vidinoti to offer our clients the best Augmented Reality platform available. The response from the market has been overwhelming, with thousands of AR developers joining the PixLive platform. But this has also translated into a heavy load to our servers. As a result, we had to make 2 major adjustments which overall will result in better quality of service and more options for our users.

  1. We are introducing restrictions to the DEMO accounts
  2. We are launching new account plans

Those changes will take place as we upgrade PixLive Maker mid-August.

The new restrictions

Credit limit: Each account receives a defined number of credits. One credit will be used every time that a new content is created. The content creation can be either a new image recognition or a new beacon content.

Publication limit: Each account has also a limit on the number of published contents. A published content is a content that will get synchronized with the application. Any content can be published until the limit is reached. If the limit is reached, some content need to be unpublished before publishing some new content.

The new account plans

We introduce three different account plans: DEMO, INDIE and PRO. Each one of these plans tries to meet the different needs of our users.

  • The DEMO plan allows new users to try all the functionalities of our augmented reality platform for free, using PixLive Player.
  • Secondly, users who want use PixLive Player and the web platform for limited-scale deployment, without the need to have their own mobile application can apply for the INDIE plan.
  • Finally, the PRO plan offers a fully configurable / scalable solution with all features for the demanding users. In particular, they can have their own branded AR reader based on our SDK (iOS, Android, Cordova and Ionic support).

What is the impact on our current customers?

None. Our current customers won’t see any impact of the new restrictions.

Below is a summary of the new plans. Feel free to contact us if you have any question / concern.


AR PlayerPixLive Player

Included Credits5 Credits

Additional CreditsNot available

Publication Limit5 contents

Publication Duration24 Hours

SDK License30 Days Trial

49€ / month

AR PlayerPixLive Player

Included Credits3/month of subscription

Additional Credits€49 for 5 credits

Publication Limit15 contents

Publication DurationSubscription period

SDK License30 Days Trial


AR PlayerBuild your own app!

Included CreditsCustom

Additional CreditsCustom

Publication LimitCustom

Publication DurationCustom

SDK LicenseExtended